All ballet dancing apparel can be ordered from Discount Dance Supply at or ordered from the manufacturer directly at Click on the item link to go directly to the website for ordering.



Pre-ballet (age 4-5)
Capezio Child Short Sleeve Leotard
Style No:  CC400C
Color:  Pink
Cost:  $14.54

Level 1
Mirella Child Cotton Camisole Leotard 
Style No: M207C
Color: Lilac
Cost: $15.99

Levels 2
Wear Moi "Faustine" Camisole Leotard
Color:  Pacific
Cost: $30.00

Levels 3
Wear Moi "Faustine" Camisole Leotard
Color:  French Blue
Cost: $30.00

Level 4  
Wear Moi "Faustine" Camisole Leotard
Color:  Fushia
Cost: $30.00

Levels 5
Wear Moi "Faustine" Camisole Leotard
Color:  Navy Blue
Cost: $30.00

Wear Moi "Abbie" Camisole Leotard
Color:  Black
Cost: $29.00


Body Wrappers Supple Total Stretch Supremely Soft 
Convertible Tights
Child Style No: A91
Color: Ballet Pink
Cost: $18.10
Adult Style No: A91                               
Color: Ballet Pink                         
Cost: $18.10          

Ballet Slippers 

Canvas only please.  

Bloch Adult Synchrony Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Style No: S0625L
Color: Pink
Cost: $22.98

Bloch Girls Synchrony Ballet Slipper
Style No: S0625G
Color: Pink
Cost: $21.25

Pointe Shoes

By Artistic Director’s discretion only. 

All students must be professionally fitted.

All girls/women on pointe, please wear a hip 
Alignment Belt with pointe shoes.

Raindance  ½ Hip Alignment belt
Style No: 605
Colors: white or light pink
Cost: $4.99



Boys Body Wrappers Fitted short sleeve shirt
Style No: 8190
Color: White
Cost: $17.60

Mens Body Wrappers Versatile Short Sleeve Snug Fit Pullover
Style No: M400
Color: White
Cost: $24.99

Any Soft Black Shorts


Any Black Footed Ballet Tights

Ballet Shoes

Grishko Ultimate Ballet Shoe
Style No: MCP
Color: Boys: White; Men: Black
Cost: $25.93